Try Screencastify & Google Keep for Adding Comments to Google Docs

The process of using Screencastify and Google Keep to produce a video comment bank for Google Docs is fairly straight-forward. Record your short video remarks or short lesson with Screencastify. Second, get the “share” link from Screencastify. Third, produce a note in Google Keep which contains the link to the video (I advise giving the notes easy-to-remember names and labels). Finally, whenever you require the video link simply open Google Keep in the sidebar of the Google Doc youre seeing and copy the video link from the Google Keep into your comment..
In this video I demonstrate how to use Screencastify and Google Keep to create a bank of video remarks that you can insert into the remarks of your students Google Docs and Slides..

If there was something comparable for including video comments to Google Docs, on Sunday night I got an email from someone who had actually seen my videos about Mote and questioned. Among my tips was to try the e-Comments Chrome extension which
I reviewed last spring. Another option is to use a combination of
Screencastify and Google Keep to develop a bank of video comments that you can place into the comments of Google Documents or Google Slides..

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