Kahoot Now Displays Questions and Answers on the Same Screen – Finally!

For many years instructors and students have actually wished to have the ability to see
Kahoot concerns and address options on the very same screen. This week
Kahoot lastly made that possible!

Applications for Education.
Putting the questions and respond to options on the very same screen ought to make it much easier for all students to take part in a Kahoot test video game. No longer will seating in the class be an issue whether a student sees a question. This must likewise make it simpler for students who are playing Kahoot in Zoom or Google Meet to play along without having to toggle between screens to play the video game.

When you introduce a live Kahoot game for online or in-person play you can pick to enable an option to reveal questions and respond to choices on the same screen, now. This indicates that trainees no longer need to look up at a screen in your room or a screen in Zoom then down at their phones or laptop computers to answer a question. Theyll see the response and the question choices on the same screen..
All that you require to do in order to enable concerns and address options on the exact same screen is to start a Kahoot video game as you typically would and then browse to the video game settings to choose “reveal concerns and answers on players devices.”.

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