How to Record a Video in Gmail

Applications for Education.
Besides being valuable when addressing aid demands from trainees or associates, Looms Chrome extension could be helpful in having students discuss exactly what they require assist with when they send you an e-mail. In some cases students do not know precisely how to phrase their demands in writing so providing the Loom choice might be a great way to get a much better understanding of what theyre asking..

With Looms Chrome extension Gmail users can respond to email by merely clicking the Loom icon and taping a video. The video is then immediately published to your Loom account and placed into the body of your e-mail. In this short video I show how to record a video right from your Gmail inbox..

Yes, there are other tools for making screencast videos. And you could utilize among those to make a screencast for a coworker, but I think Looms Chrome extension streamlines the process better than other screen recording tools..

Often it is much easier to respond to an email with a video than it is to compose out a reply. When a coworker asks me for assistance with Google Classroom I could compose detailed directions or I could record a brief screencast that would accomplish the exact same thing.
Looms Chrome extension makes it simple to do that..

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