Four Short Lessons About the Arrival of Spring

All of these videos are great prospects for usage in an EDPuzzle lesson.
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The snow is melting, the sun is shining a bit longer, and were beginning to see and hear more birds around our house. Those are all sure indications that spring is on the horizon here in Maine. On that note, here are some brief lessons about the arrival of spring..

After learning how birds discover to sing, have your students explore.
The Wall of Birds interactive mural produced by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. The mural features a range of birds that when clicked reveal details about that bird, audio of that birds call, and a map of that birds natural variety.

Why do we have seasons? What causes the modifications in weather condition patterns throughout the seasons? The answers to those questions and more are found in the following SciShow Kids video and Crash Course Kids video.

Why do birds sing? And how do they find out the songs that they sing? The answers to those questions and more are revealed in a TED-Ed Lesson entitled.
How Do Birds Learn to Sing?

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