Young Empowered Startuppers’ Online Entrepreneurial Learning & Activity Platform provides competitive advantage for today’s teachers, students and schools.

Shauna Stanyer, an entrepreneurship teacher from Holy Cross Regional High School in Vancouver, Canada recently mentioned ” I actually value the material brought throughout the training modules and how it is delivered through the platform. It makes planning a exciting and innovative course easy, while allowing me to concentrate on the project-based knowing with my students.” The material and curriculum developed for the course are appealing and amazing for trainees, and instructor feedback on this brand-new tool has been overwhelmingly favorable.

” The program leverages the LMS system by using an experience-based platform where learners get assistance and engagement by mentors and administrative staff, as directed by the learner.

Utilizing a fully integrated online learning and project platform, YES takes students and teachers flawlessly through their entrepreneurial journey from problem fixing ideas to practical, pitch-ready endeavors.” The program leverages the LMS system by providing an experience-based platform where learners get support and engagement by mentors and administrative personnel, as directed by the student.

About Empowered Startups Empowered Startups is a Canadian Government designated Startup Incubator and is recognized for advancing the state of startups worldwide. With incubators in Canada, France, and Portugal, we have mentored, sped up, and bred a significant portfolio of domestic and global service concepts throughout our worldwide areas. Our training tools and mentorship are used and acknowledged by leading worldwide university laboratories, Startup incubators, and development hubs. Check out

The most recent of the awards was an Award of Excellence in Applied Innovation, with a best score of 12/12 from the Institute for Performing and Learning, the judges commented that ” it is no doubt this job will be an example to follow in enhancing the work the Institute for Performance and Learning seeks to check out in the future.” Utilizing a completely integrated online learning and job platform, YES takes teachers and trainees effortlessly through their entrepreneurial journey from issue resolving concepts to feasible, pitch-ready endeavors. The program fulfills Canada broad Entrepreneurship Curriculum Requirements and can be delivered flexibly depending on the needs of the trainees, teachers, and school..

YES is a 100% digital knowing service offered for people and schools internationally. Find out more at

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