Why My Dogs Have Email Addresses and Your Dog or Cat Should Too

My pets have email addresses due to the fact that I conduct a great deal of workshops throughout the year and I do not always wish to use my personal e-mail account to either register for a service or to show a function on a cinema. By utilizing the fake e-mail accounts that Ive developed for my pets I dont have to mess my individual email with great deals of account registrations that I may or might not utilize once again. Similarly, I dont need to open my personal accounts on a huge screen in front of a group.
The other reason that I use my pet dogs e-mail accounts to sign up for services is so that I can show how to use a site or app from square one. For example, when I perform Google Workspaces workshops I will use Masons email account to show all aspects of setting-up an account, adjusting settings, and adding new material to the account. By doing it in this manner brand-new users see all steps on my screen the very same as they will on their own screens.
Take a minute or 2 to develop a fake e-mail account for demonstration functions if you find yourself carrying out a lot of training sessions for associates or trainees.

Individuals typically get a kick out of learning that my pet dogs have their own email addresses. You can send them email at Mason or Fionn (at) freetech4teachers.com and theyll get back to you as quickly as they learn to type.

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