Why encryption is key during remote learning

As a lot of organizations and school districts are aware, remote knowing brings with it a host of cyber security dangers and factors to consider. These concerns have brought the concept of encrypted data to the leading edge of the discussion, due to the fact that trainee data is now being kept in, and accessed from, a variety of places.

While the numbers are constantly altering based on fluid situations and information, its safe to say that countless students across the U.S. are participating in virtual knowing. This has mostly been the way of living given that COVID-19 triggered school shutdowns nationwide in March 2019, and the path forward towards in-person school as we understood it is still uncertain.

While a lot has been written about trainees being affected by remote education, K-12 and higher-ed administrators and educators are impacted, too. Every time a teacher moves a file from a piece of individual technology to a school device, and then back once again, theres threat. And, with teachers and administrators working from their own houses in addition to from schools and district workplaces, the mobility of data is almost consistent.

Security weak points are plentiful

To finest see the worth of encryption, we need to first explore the cyber weak points that can be made use of as an outcome of remote knowing.

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