Where I’d Like to Go – An Icebreaker With Google Drawings

As I discuss in the video above, you can modify this activity to be completed with Google Slides or Google Jamboard. And, as is also shown in the video above, you can use Google Classroom to distribute a design template for the project.

The concept is to have students essentially place themselves anywhere in the world through the use of Google Drawings. To do this trainees initially require to discover an image of themselves and remove the background from it. Photoscissors makes it easy and fast to get rid of the background then download a brand-new background-free image. Once they have a photo of themselves then students open Google Drawings where they place a picture of place that they desire to go to or review. Finally, they then place their profile photo over the background image in Google Drawings. Those actions may sound complicated, however theyre not. In this brief video I reveal the entire procedure..

As the new academic year begins many you might find yourself searching for some brand-new concepts to get and break the ice to understand your new students while they likewise learn more about each other. One thing that Ive constantly asked my trainees is “where worldwide would you go if you could go anywhere today?” Recently, Ive begun thinking about turning that concern into the prompt for an activity in which trainees learn a bit about
Google Drawings..

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