What’s in Common? – A Search Lesson

Every week he posts an intriguing search difficulty for readers then offers the answers a few days later. A couple of years ago he posted a challenge called
Whats In Common? In the years since, Ive used various modifications of that difficulty to assist trainees find and practice utilizing a variety of search tools and methods.
The Whats In Common? difficulty asks you to recognize the shared attributes of two or more pictures, occasions, and or scenarios. In Dans original post he asked readers to find the commonness between three floods and he asked readers to discover the commonalities in between three plants.

What do these two have in common besides being pet dogs?

Every week he posts an intriguing search obstacle for readers then supplies the answers a couple of days later on. The difficulties differ in difficulty, but I constantly discover something from them regardless of how difficult they are. A few years ago he published a challenge called
I might make one obstacle based on checking out the material of web pages that students discover while browsing and make another obstacle based on being able to find and utilize the meta data in images.

In addition to his blog site, Dan Russell has an excellent book titled
The Joy of Search. That book is packed with ideas for becoming a much better users of online search engine..

This post initially appeared on FreeTech4Teachers.com. If you see it in other places, it has been used without permission. Websites that take my (Richard Byrnes) work consist of CloudComputin and WayBetterSite. Included image recorded by Richard Byrne.

Applications for Education
What I like about the
Whats In Common? obstacle is that I can make it as easy or as challenging as I require it to be based upon my students present ability levels. For example, I might make one difficulty based on checking out the material of webpages that trainees discover while searching and make another difficulty based on having the ability to find and use the meta data in images.

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