What is a Map? – And a New Crash Course in Geography

What is a map? And why exist a lot of variations of maps? Those concerns and more are responded to in the second lesson in a relatively brand-new Crash Course on Geography..
By viewing What is a Map? trainees can learn how maps evolved over time, the political implications of maps, and how maps are used to represent information as well as areas..

For as long as I can remember Ive delighted in taking a look at maps. Whether its a standard Mercator projection printed on paper or a digital map, looking at maps triggers interest in my brain. Im particular thats why I constantly delighted in mentor location and why I spend a lot time today teaching others how to use digital mapping tools..

A related activity that I utilized to do with my 9th grade geography trainees was to have them to create their own maps of their towns or states and after that compare with their classmates maps. I did that to highlight the idea that there can be numerous interpretations of geographic information. Thats a lesson the video above reinforces.

Applications for Education.
Prior to revealing this video to students inquire what they think the meaning of a map is..

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