What is a MAC Address? – Here’s a Concise Explanation

PowerCert Animated Videos offer clear and succinct descriptions of big ideas in hardware and networking. I described them fairly typically when I was teaching an intro to networking course in 2015..

Applications for Education.
A lot of readers of this blog will never require to understand what MAC address is or how it fits into the networking procedure. It is good to understand and can practical to know how to find it if your IT administrator ever asks for it.

This video is one to bookmark and perhaps use as an evaluation resource or video-based lesson in a tool like Edpuzzle if you do teach networking.

The most recent PowerCert video is MAC Address Explained. As the title states, the video explains what a MAC address is, how its written, where to discover it, and its role in networking. The video also does a fantastic job of explaining the crucial difference in between MAC addresses and IP addresses. Lastly, a fast explanation of ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) connects the crucial principles of the video together..

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