What AI can and can’t do in education

Regardless of its many uses, AI has raised some concerns among teachers and moms and dads. According to the report “AI and the Future of Learning” from the Center for Integrative Research in Computing and Learning Sciences, 3 of those concerns are trainees personal privacy, the potential for bias, and the possibility of teachers losing their tasks to AI.

By Gustaf Öqvist Seimyr, PhD, Co-Founder, LexploreGustaf Öqvist Seimyr, one of the cofounders of Lexplore, is a computational linguist who received his PhD in 2016 from Uppsala University. His medical professionals thesis was on readability on mobile phones. Gustaf is a scientist in eye movement tracking and reading at the Marianne Bernadotte Centre at Karolinska Institutet. He can be reached at gustaf.oqvist.seimyr@lexplore.com.

When some people hear the term “expert system,” they consider robots like the ones in the Steven Spielberg film AI. In education today, AI is something less glamorous.

On the other hand, concerns about AI changing instructors are unjustified. It cant express sensations, it doesnt dream, it does not aspire, and it will never be able to support a young, analytical mind the method a real teacher does. It can assist instructors– and even give them superpowers.

On the other hand, issues about AI changing instructors are unjustified. It cant express feelings, it does not dream, it does not strive, and it will never ever be able to support a young, curious mind the method a genuine teacher does. It can aid teachers– and even offer them superpowers.

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As a tool amongst others in the software developers tool kit, it is used under the hood in numerous services and applications that teachers and students use every day in schools and households rely on in your home. It makes it possible for natural-language processing (search engines, speech acknowledgment, spell checking), social media (interest profiling, sentiment analysis, add targeting), and computer system vision (object detection, face acknowledgment, enhanced reality).

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