View What’s Behind a Website With Mouse X-Ray Goggles

Mozilla used to use a great little tool called X-Ray Goggles that let you view and modify the code behind any web page. Regrettably, they shut it down a couple of years back and because then Ive been recommending that individuals merely
usage Chromes check tool to see the code behind a web page. I even included that in
my weekly newsletter this week. Today I discovered that uses its own
X-Ray Goggles tool for customizing the code and seeing behind a page..

As I discussed in the video, you might utilize X-Ray Goggles to alter an article online to make it a satire story. Print the page and offer it to your trainees to try to recognize the satire aspects of the story.

Mouse.orgs X-Ray Goggles tool lets you see the code behind any websites and change that code to show anything that you want in location of the initial text and images. After you have actually made the changes you can publish a regional copy of the web page. In this brief video I supply a presentation of how Mouse.orgs X-Ray Goggles tool works..

Applications for Education.
Mouse.orgs X-Ray Goggles supplies a great way for students to see how the code of a web page works.

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