Type Studio – A Truly Unique Way to Edit Your Videos

Type Studio isnt going to change tools like WeVideo or iMovie, however thats not its function. Where I believe it fits into my tool kit is as a tool to rapidly and precisely modify recordings of video lessons and recordings of things like lessons conducted in Zoom. Its a heck of a lot quicker and much easier to delete a couple of words and have that area removed from my video than it is to go back into WeVideo or iMovie and look for the precise right minutes in the timeline to cut my video..

Applications for Education.

Type Studio is a new video modifying tool. With video modifying tools you have to pick a section and drag to erase it or get in time stamps of a section to erase it. In addition to offering tools for clipping and cutting your videos, Type Studio provides a subtitling service.

After reading my very first paragraph you might be saying, “thats terrific, however what if I do not have a transcript of my video?”.
When you publish your video into their editor, type Studio develops a transcript for you. Depending on the length of the video this can just a couple of minutes or can be a fair bit longer than that. Once the records is created it appears your Type Studio editor together with your initial video. To cut an area of your video all you have to do is select the words or sentences you want to eliminate and Type Studio will remove the matching section of the video itself..

Type Studio currently supports fifteen languages. In addition to providing tools for clipping and cutting your videos, Type Studio provides a subtitling service. You could use Type Studio just to develop subtitles and transcripts without needing to really do any modifying of your video..

Type Studio is a new video editing tool. When I used it for the very first time the other day I really said aloud, “Whoa! Thats Awesome!” What made me say that was using the editor to clip an area of video. With video editing tools you need to drag and pick an area to delete it or go into time stamps of a section to erase it. In Type Studio I just selected a few words from the transcript of my video and struck the delete key on my keyboard to remove an area of my video..

Type Studio will likewise make it simple to quickly and precisely edit the records and subtitles of the videos that I share with my students..

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