Two Search Refinement Tips That Helped My Students Today

The students in among my classes are presently working on some
Arduino tasks of their own picking. A few of them had the idea to set and develop model vehicles. The difficulty they faced is that we didnt have any Bluetooth modules and a great deal of the plans they were looking at required Bluetooth modules. They were beginning to get irritated with their search results when I interjected with the quick suggestion to omit “Bluetooth” in the advanced search menu in Google..
By omitting “Bluetooth” from the search engine result and choosing “filetype PDF” in the sophisticated search menu my students were able to get past a great deal of their preliminary disappointment..
In this short video I demonstrate how to omit words from search outcomes and how to search by file type..

Another little suggestion to pass along to your trainees when they are looking for PDFs is to advise them to use “Ctrl + F” (Windows computers) or “Command + F” (Mac computer systems) to browse within a PDF for keywords or expressions.

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