Tracing the Evolution of Telephones – A Search Challenge for Students

Every year on March 7th the
National Archives Daily Document includes Alexander Graham Bells drawing for his telephone patent. Take an appearance at that illustration and you may begin wondering, like I did a couple of years back, about how numerous modifications and enhancements to that design have been made given that 1876. The patent search choice in
Google Scholar can be utilized to help us find out the number of subsequent, related patents have been filed because Bells 1876 patent. In the following video I show how your students can utilize Google Scholar to trace product advancement through patent research study.

Applications for Education

Utilizing the patent search function in Google Scholar can be a great way for trainees to attempt to trace item developments in time. In this case the challenge for trainees would be to discover the major, subsequent innovations in telephone innovation. Obviously, the idea can be applied to almost any item that has actually been patented eventually in time. Check out more about the strategy and application

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