The Old Version of Google Sites is Finally Shutting Down – Here’s How to Use the Current Version

Transition from Classic Google Sites to Current Google Sites.
Individuals who are still using the traditional version of Google Sites can transition to the existing version of Google Sites by following the instructions in this video. It needs to be noted that not all features discovered in the traditional variation of Google Sites are offered in the present variation of Google Sites..
Develop a Website with Google Sites.
The present version of Google Sites is easier to use and more visually pleasing than the classic version. And there are some practical functions in the existing variation that were not readily available in the traditional variation.

For almost five years now Google has been stating that the old, “traditional” version of Google Sites would be closing “soon.” It appears that they really imply it this time. In an e-mail to Google Workspaces domain administrators and in
this article, Google has actually announced that on May 15th the ability to produce brand-new sites using the old variation of Google Sites will be gotten rid of. Then on December 1st modifying of sites made with the timeless variation of Google Sites will be handicapped. And on January 1, 2022 all websites made with the traditional version of Google Sites will be offline..

3 Quick Ideas for Using Google Sites in Your Classroom.

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