Ten Google Workspaces Features for Teachers You Might Be Overlooking

Google Workspaces (formerly called G Suite, Google Apps, and just plain Google Drive) has a lot of excellent features for students and instructors. Some of them are obvious while others may be considered “hidden” features. Those concealed features are frequently little things that use Google Workspaces a little easier than faster. In
this video I highlight ten of my preferred Google Workspaces includes that are frequently overlooked.

Featured in the video:

Gmail: schedule sending of messages.

This post initially appeared on FreeTech4Teachers.com. It has been used without consent if you see it in other places. Websites that take my (Richard Byrnes) work include CloudComputin, TodayHeadline, and 711Web.

Google Sheets: use a style.

Google Keep: set pointers based upon time and location.

Google Jamboard: replicating items.

Google Forms: set default point value.

Google Drawings: hyperlink elements of a published illustration.

Google Docs: brand-new file shortcut.

Google Slides: specify video start and stop time.

Google Workspaces (previously known as G Suite, Google Apps, and simply plain Google Drive) has a lot of terrific functions for instructors and students. Some of them are apparent while others might be thought about “hidden” functions. Those hidden features are typically little things that make using Google Workspaces a little simpler than faster.

Google Meet: blur your background.

Google Classroom: copy a whole class.

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