Teaching Women’s History

Did Sarah Thompson play football?.

I m pleased we ve started to raise our children more like our kids, however it will never ever work until we raise our sons more like our daughters.
– Gloria Steinem.

Who are these women?.
Do your students know?.
In a recent Learners Edge blog The Do s and Don ts of Teaching Black History Month, my associate and the blog s author Marcee Harris, said it best. When teaching about black history; integrate black history year around, continue learning, strengthen that black history is American history, connect problems in the past to existing issues, and consist of the political and social context of the neighborhood s context for social justice.
Ladies s history is not the same as the history of the black community, racism and sexism do have some things in common; a belief in hierarchy, a discovered sense of supremacy, and the goal of, whether purposely or subconsciously, continuing the caste system. Bigotry is specified as any attitude, action, or institutional structure which systematically subordinates a person or group since of their color. Sexism is defined as any mindset, action, or institutional structure which systematically subordinates an individual or group because of their sex, or, as explained in the best-selling book Caste, by Isabel Wilkerson:.
When we presume that the female is not equipped to lead the company or the meeting or the country, or that a person of color or an immigrant might not be the one in authority, is not a homeowner of a particular community, might not have gone to a particular school or deserved to have actually attended a specific school, when we feel a pang of shock and animosity, an individual wounding and sense of unfairness and perhaps even embarassment at our discomfort upon seeing somebody from a marginalized group in a task or automobile or home or college or appointment more distinguished than we have actually been led to expect, when we assume that the senior needs to be playing Parcheesi rather than establishing software, we are showing the effective encoding of caste, the subconscious recognition that the individual has stepped out of his or her assumed location in our society.”.
There are numerous techniques to teaching females s history. One concept is to utilize pictures (like those above) as catalysts for interest, Who are these ladies, what are their stories, and who came prior to them?.
Image A is Sarah Thompson. Thompson is the very first woman to referee in a Super Bowl. An interesting lesson might be exploring Thompson s path to ending up being a professional referee in a guys s sport..
Discussion Questions:.

Do you have to have played football to be a football referee?

How did Thompson become thinking about refereeing football?.

Are there females referees (coaches) in other sports?.

Image B is Amanda Gorman, 2017 Youth Poet Laureate and the youngest inaugural poet in U.S. history. If you missed it, here is Gorman performing her inaugural poem and here is Gorman, the very first poet to perform at a Super Bowl, reciting her poem Captains (not far from Sarah Thompson!).
Discussion Questions:.

The number of ladies referees exist in football? How numerous women coaches?.

How does one get selected to referee the Super Bowl?.

How much does Thompson make and does she make the exact same quantity as her male equivalents?.

How long has Sarah Thompson been a referee?.

What is a poet laureate, and what is a youth poet laureate?

Has there constantly been poetry at the U.S. inauguration?.

What is Gorman s background and how did she become thinking about poetry?.

What other poets have carried out at inaugurations?.

How do the arts teach?

The number of years have our Presidents and Vice Presidents been male and why do you believe it has taken so numerous years for a female to hold the workplace of VP?.

Will there ever be a female President?.

Image C is Kamala Harris. ICYMI, Ms. Harris is the very first ever female Vice President, and she is the first lady of Indian and Black heritage to command the office of Vice President of the United States of America..
Discussion Questions:.

What poems are familiar to us and who composed and recites them?.

Have any other ladies run for Vice President or President of the U.S.? If so, who were they?.

What is Kamala Harris background?.

Have ladies held workplaces like President or Prime Minister in other countries?

What are some theories about why there may be less females in power positions?.

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Bigotry is defined as any mindset, action, or institutional structure which systematically subordinates a person or group due to the fact that of their color.

Caste: The Origins of our Discontents by Isabel Wilkerson.
Do Racism and Sexism Go Together?.
Bigotry and Sexism– A Collective Struggle: A Minority Woman s Point of View.
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How many Senators or U.S. Representatives are women in the U.S.?

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