Spaces Digital Portfolios Emphasize Feedback and Growth

Purposes for PortfoliosFrom files to presentations to videos, you can have your trainees include just about anything to their digital portfolios made in Spaces. The type of material or artifact that trainees add to their portfolios isnt almost as important as the process of building their portfolios. Most likely the most essential part of implementing the use of digital portfolios is supplying students with feedback on the items they include into their portfolios. Offering feedback to students through video, audio, and text increases the opportunities to reach students where they are. Once again, this video walks you through the procedure of developing spaces for your students and this video reveals the students point of view.

Implementation of Individual Digital PortfoliosSpaces provides a safe, private area for your students to create their own digital portfolios. Within their personal portfolios students can publish files, write text notes, upload videos, upload audio recordings, upload presentations, and share links to simply about anything that they have created online.

When, trainees must be provided some instructions as to what they need to include to their portfolios and. The trainees in my Intro to Programming class need to include bits of their code at the end of every week. In other classes, Ive been a little less specific in giving directions. When I taught U.S. History I merely informed my trainees that they needed to include an artifact (other than quiz/ ratings) every two weeks that they thought demonstrated their understanding of crucial principles and or events.

Bottom-lineA digital portfolio can be what you and your students want it to be. Spaces provides you and your trainees all the tools they require to make a portfolio and provides you the tools you need to provide your students significant feedback.

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It must be kept in mind that there are some other purposes for digital portfolios. Those consist of showcasing examples of work for potential employers or to represent mastery of particular abilities. While those are excellent usages of portfolios, this short article is concentrated on utilizing portfolios for recording reflection and growth.

Parent InvolvementSpaces digital portfolios can be kept personal in between the trainee and instructor. I d motivate you to welcome moms and dads to see their kids portfolio as it provides a fantastic chance for them to see their childs development throughout the year rather than simply at parent-teacher conference night.

The capability to include comments to work shared in Spaces isnt limited to instructors. Trainees can likewise add remarks to their own work to gather info from you. A study by Kate Wall, Steve Higgins, Jen Miller, and Nick Packard found that the procedure of offering feedback through digital portfolios was useful in assisting trainees ability to understand finding out objectives and who are accountable for taking part in their own knowing. The video, audio, and composed feedback mechanisms readily available in Spaces can assist you help your trainees much better understand finding out goals and become responsible individuals in the learning process.

Over the years Ive had trainees create digital portfolios that consisted of artifacts from just a few weeks of the school year. In all cases, the point of the portfolio was to have trainees produce something that they could look back on to see growth.

Providing feedback to students through text, audio, and video increases the opportunities to reach students where they are. Spaces supplies those opportunities for all students.

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A couple of months ago I published a.
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digital portfolio platform called Spaces. Because blog site post I emphasized the ability of Spaces to be utilized for Asynchronous breakout sessions. Those asynchronous breakout sessions are great for trainees to offer each other feedback. Today, I d like to highlight another aspect of Spaces. That is the capability for teachers to offer personalized constructive feedback to their trainees through Spaces.

Getting Going With Spaces Digital PortfoliosI published a comprehensive introduction of the functions in Spaces here. A number of guide videos can also be found here and here. In short, the quickest method to begin is to sign-up at then create an account using either your Google account or e-mail address. After doing those basic steps you can create a class roster and welcome your trainees to join. From your instructor dashboard you can quickly generate specific areas for them to utilize once theyve joined. Again, this video strolls you through the process of producing areas for your students and this video shows the trainees point of view.

Most likely the most essential part of implementing making use of digital portfolios is supplying trainees with feedback on the products they include into their portfolios. Areas provides teachers with 3 methods to provide feedback to their trainees. Feedback can be provided by means of video comments, audio comments, and composed comments.

Purposes for PortfoliosFrom documents to discussions to videos, you can have your students include practically anything to their digital portfolios made in Spaces. Ive even had trainees include samples of code theyve written into their digital portfolios. The kind of product or artifact that students contribute to their portfolios isnt almost as crucial as the procedure of developing their portfolios. It used a relatively little sample size, this study by Clare Kilbane and Natalie Milman found that using digital portfolios had a favorable impact on teachers and trainees. In particular, it had an influence on relationships and how students discovered academic material.

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