Some of my Favorites – DIY Common Craft Videos

This week is school getaway week here in Maine. I normally take this week off to go ice fishing on Moosehead Lake.

Early Common Craft videos like this one about wikis used real paper cutouts that were moved by a hand that you see in the video. Later ones like this one about podcasting use digital cutouts and you dont see a hand in the video. Both variations are effective in interacting concepts.

Almost fourteen years back
Typical Craft introduced the world to a brand-new style and brand-new method of producing explantory videos. This design utilizes easy cutouts on a blank white background and a well-scripted narration.

You can make your own Common Craft-style videos by utilizing slides and a screencasting tool. In this video I show how to use Google Slides and Screencastify to make Common Craft-style videos, however you could achieve the very same thing with PowerPoint and Screencast-o-matic.

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