Sherlock Bones – A Virtual Owl Pellet Dissection Activity

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SciShow Kids video ( ingrained below) discusses what an owl pellet is and what can be learned by dissecting an owl pellet.

Many students dont get the experience of walking in the woods and finding owl pellets. You can buy owl pellets from a science lab supply company or you might have your students essentially dissect an owl pellet.
virtual owl pellet dissection activity called Sherlock Bones. In the virtual owl pellet dissection students select apart an owl pellet, take a look at the bones inside it, then match those bones to the skeleton outline theyve been supplied..

Among the great features of living where I do is that a walk in the woods is always simply a couple of steps away. Among my favorite features of walking in the woods is finding all kinds of cool, natural things consisting of dropped moose and deer antlers. While those are unusual finds, I do frequently encountered owl pellets on my walks..

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