Resources to Reignite Your Joy for Teaching & Learning

Reignite Your JOY for Teaching & & Learning:


All set to charge your battery and take a favorable step forward?
Resources to reenergize your love of teaching:.
5105: Living Your Happiest Life: Inside & & Outside the Classroom (3 Credits).
5142: Time Management Strategies for Educators (3 Credits).
5219: Building on Your Strengths for Professional Wellbeing (3 Credits).
5145: Cover-to-Cover Book Club– May Term (3 Credits).
Atlas of the Heart: Mapping Meaningful Connection and the Language of Human Experience! by Brené Brown.
This courses vibrant mix of reflection, discussion, and reading is used in our popular Blended Learning format, a mix of live simultaneous conversation sessions and asynchronous online knowing. Laugh, unwind, and enjoy the company of other teachers as you discuss the things teachers share and share your innovative concepts!
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Earn an Educator resilience certificate by taking these 3 courses:.
5105: Living Your Happiest Life, Inside and Outside the Classroom (3 credits).
5101: The Practice and Power of Vulnerability in the Classroom (3 credits).
5792: Recharge and refocus: Strategies for Finding Balance in Teaching (3 credits).
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Other Complimentary Educator Wellness resources:.
Self-care Ebook.
Chalk Blog Resources:.
Making Space for Self-Care This Year.
A New Course to Relieve Stress, Boost Productivity, and Make the Most of Your Time.
5 Strategies to Stay Positive in the Classroom.
Self Care for Teachers (VIDEO).
Are Your Students Learning Self Care From You?.
A Quick Catch-up on Teacher Mental Health.
The Unstoppable Power of Letting Go.
Teaching Mantras.
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. Reconnect with the moments in education that bring you happiness.
We understand how challenging the educational landscape has been for both instructors and administrators and we are here to support you. We d like to assist you tap into what led you to teach, what sustains you, and the bright minutes that advise you that youre making a difference in your trainees lives..
To assist you build resiliency to bring you through the end of the academic year, well support you with ideas and resources to help develop a path forward with renewed energy and focus..
In order to create a sustainable practice, it is very important to draw on methods that motivate balance, fortify versus burnout, and offer you expert satisfaction. Thats why weve gathered our finest resources to support expert development and health and wellbeing..
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