Record Annotated Video Presentations With PresentationTube’s Chrome Extension

PresentationTube is a non-profit that has provided a free service to instructors for several years. That service is the capability to tape-record video presentations based on PowerPoint files and PDFs. Just recently, PresentationTube released a Chrome extension that lets you produce video lessons in your web internet browser..

PresentationTubes Chrome extension will let you record while discussing your PowerPoint slides or a PDF. You can tape-record with your cam turned on or you can pick to simply tape your voice discussing your slides or PDF. While youre tape-recording you can make use of the screen, include text notes to the screen, and emphasize text on the screen..
When you have actually ended up taping a discussion with PresentationTubes Chrome extension you can submit it straight to the PresentationTube website where you can then release it publicly or keep it unlisted. Similar To Google Docs, if you make your PresentationTube unlisted then just individuals who have the direct link to it can see it..
Applications for Education.
PresentationTubes Chrome extension could be a good one for anyone who is looking for a brand-new, easier method to produce video lessons based on their existing slides. In the meantime you can constantly download your Google Slides as PPT or PDF to use with PresentationTube.

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