Quickly Cite Websites With Bibcitation’s Chrome Extension

Earlier today I released
a post about Bibcitations new Chrome extension for rapidly pointing out sites. Some of its essential features include automated formatting of citations in lots of styles, easy transfer of citations to your documents, and one-click addition to your existing Bibcitation bibliographies. The other day, I made
this short video that demonstrates the essential features of
Bibcitations Chrome extension. See and take an appearance how easy it is to utilize Bibcitation..

Applications for EducationAs I wrote earlier in the week, among the things that I have always liked about.
Bibcitation is also easy to edit if students do discover a mistake with the format. Bibcitation doesnt need students to register in order to use it.

This post originally appeared on FreeTech4Teachers.com. It has actually been used without approval if you see it somewhere else. Sites that take my (Richard Byrnes) work consist of CloudComputin, Today Headline, and 711Web.

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