Osmo For Schools Celebrates Five Years and Upgrades to Plastic Manipulatives in School Bundles for Classroom Hygiene & Safety

Osmo Projector App for Educators Reaches 100,000 Downloads

” Osmo for Schools began thanks to all the incredibly passionate teachers across the U.S. and Canada who embraced Osmo as an educational gadget for classroom settings, promoting its use, so that districts and schools began to purchase it,” explains Jan Richards, head of education sales and marketing at Osmo for Schools. “In early 2016, Osmo started our department by forming a sales group, a conference method, plus a Classroom Kit for schools, which really took off. Its come a long method because!” The division now has 15 sales and speaking with executives who work under Richards, uses 9 different learning system bundles, and deals with thousands of school districts.

” Its terrific that the totally free download of Projector App presented lots of teachers to Osmo for the very first time, who were formerly unaware of the terrific range of academic products we offer,” states Richards..

” Osmo for Schools started thanks to all the incredibly enthusiastic teachers throughout the U.S. and Canada who adopted Osmo as an academic device for class settings, promoting its usage, so that schools and districts started to buy it,” describes Jan Richards, head of education sales and marketing at Osmo for Schools.” In all my years mentor, Ive constantly sterilized my mentor tools as a STEAM instructor; from robotics, to iPads and now my Osmo for Schools sets– this is a life saver for my students and myself,” says Frances Amato Dominguez, Ed Tech Model and STEAM Teacher in New York. Due to the sudden shift to virtual learning one year earlier, Osmo reacted to instructors weeps for a more reliable ways of engaging trainees in a virtual class, by providing Projector App. The app started as a free download to all thanks to Osmo Cares, the charitable arm of Osmo. Osmo for Schools, a department of Tangible Play, Inc., focuses on structure in-classroom use of Osmos acclaimed academic systems.

Projector App Reaches 100,000 Downloads.

All Learning System Bundles Upgraded To Plastic Manipulatives for Effective Sanitization.

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Carol Argumaniz, Assistant Principal at Lillie Jackson Early Childhood Center in Lewisville, Texas, discusses the success her teachers are having with virtual learning, thanks to Osmo Projector App. “It permits instructors to deliver the exact same quality lesson through virtual knowing, as they would deliver through in-person knowing at school,” states Argumaniz. “And it permits them to perform small group lessons with very high quality pictures so students feel like they are in fact next to the instructor.”.

Osmo for Schools, the educational division of Tangible Play that promotes in-classroom usage of Osmos award-winning educational systems, commemorates its fifth anniversary March 30, 2021 and highlights recent achievements. These consist of updating to plastic pieces in all its school packages to maintain the greatest standards of classroom health, together with reaching 100,000 downloads of the Osmo Projector App meant for teachers, which assisted grow Osmos neighborhood of active users..

About Osmo for Schools.

Projector App uses a powerful reflective AI technology that allows the cam to “see” the desktop in front of the screen and job an instructors real life text, notes and drawings onto the screen, even 3-D designs they keep in their hand, while being compatible with Zoom and other video conferencing innovations (video). Projector App is the 2020 recipient of EdTech Breakthrough Awards “eLearning Innovation of the Year.”.

” The whole world holds a mirror to each schools health standard and approaches of cleaning and disinfection– this is especially real in class where numerous hands are touching different items every day,” states Richards. “Our plastic pieces are an excellent educational tool, now made safer for classrooms, and only instructors have access to them. Educators are so fired up to have all-plastic pieces in their sets!”.

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” In all my years teaching, Ive constantly sterilized my teaching tools as a STEAM teacher; from robots, to iPads and now my Osmo for Schools kits– this is a life saver for my trainees and myself,” states Frances Amato Dominguez, Ed Tech Model and STEAM Teacher in New York. Adds South Carolina kindergarten instructor Keri Lewis, “I like how durable these pieces are. Being plastic, they are able to be cleaned up thoroughly in between usages without worry of damaging the pieces.”.

In January 2021, Osmo for Schools upgraded all nine school bundles to include plastic pieces across the board, replacing ones made from cardboard. This makes it much easier for schools to sanitize and tidy Osmos manipulatives, which are utilized in conjunction with Osmos technology inside classrooms, and permits schools to keep the greatest requirements of class hygiene. Osmo for Schools plastic pieces are long-lasting, easy to sanitize when utilizing EPA-registered disinfectant spray, and dishwasher-safe..

Osmo for Schools, a division of Tangible Play, Inc., focuses on building in-classroom usage of Osmos award-winning academic systems. Osmo is used in more than 30,000 schools in North America.

These bundles including all-plastic pieces are exclusive to Osmo for Schools, and teachers who previously bought packages with cardboard manipulatives can now purchase the plastic piece sets separately, with a 25-percent discount.

Due to the abrupt shift to virtual learning one year ago, Osmo reacted to teachers cries for a more effective methods of engaging trainees in a virtual class, by offering Projector App. The app began as a free download to all thanks to Osmo Cares, the charitable arm of Osmo. Released in late March, the app is now being used by teachers of all levels (pre-K to university) across the nation to make the virtual learning environment more enjoyable, appealing, and similar to an actual class; it recently reached 100,000 downloads, and helped to grow Osmos community of active users..

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