Osmo Announces $2,000 Mini-Grants to Outfit Classrooms with Osmo’s Award-Winning Educational Technology

Osmo for Schools, in partnership with Osmo Cares, the charitable arm of award-winning STEAM brand Osmo, reveals one-time mini-grants including $2000 worth of Osmo for Schools educational innovation. An overall of 20 in-kind mini-grants will be awarded to schools in time for the Fall 2021 term.

Applications will be accepted July 1-17, 2021; mini-grant receivers will be announced Aug. 9, 2021.

Grant application will be open to public schools in the United States preferring to equip a classroom with Osmos award-winning STEAM technology. Mini-grant recipients will have the ability to pick from a selection of Osmo for Schools products; only one recipient will be picked per school. Schools should currently have appropriate tablets on hand, or a strategy to purchase them– they are not included as part of the mini-grant.

About Osmo for SchoolsOsmo for Schools, a division of Tangible Play, Inc., focuses on building in-classroom usage of Osmos award-winning instructional systems. For more information about Osmo for Schools and its items, see schools.playosmo.com.

” Osmo for Schools is so delighted to use 20 mini-grants for the very first time ever,” says Jan Richards, head of education sales and marketing at Osmo for Schools, the department of Tangible Play that promotes in-classroom usage of Osmos gadgets. “We understand there are many schools throughout the nation which do not have required funding to buy educational innovation, so we decided to give 20 schools a present. Their instructors and trainees will have something to anticipate when they go back to in-person knowing this fall.”.

For more information about the Osmo for Schools mini-grant and application process, go to here: schools.playosmo.com/grants.

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