New Seesaw Feature – Add Your Voice to Objects

Seesaw recently included a helpful brand-new function that enables you to include your voice to items in Seesaw activities. It is different from the previous, and still available, voice recording tool. The new voice recording feature permits you to record explanations of shapes, images, and things in a Seesaw activity and have those explanations straight connected to the shapes, images, and objects. Your students will see a little audio icon right beside any challenge which youve include your voice description.
Enjoy my short video to see how the new voice tape-recording function works..

Applications for Education.
This new voice recording feature in Seesaw could be excellent for adding explanations of objects and images in Seesaw activities. It could be a fantastic way for an art instructor to explain elements of lighting in photograph. The brand-new voice feature might likewise be beneficial for developing audio triggers that your students react to. For instance, I may add my voice to a historic picture of Main Street in my town and ask trainees to respond with what they notice whats the exact same and whats various from how Main Street looks today.

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