Musical Explorers World Map

Applications for EducationMusical Explorers Around the World belongs to a larger collection of training resources hosted by Carnegie Hall for music teachers. Each of the placemarks in the map includes links to lesson strategies that are proper for introducing grade school students to terminology and ideas like harmony, tune, and rhythm.

When clicked, each placemark exposes a musician or two from that place, the music they make, and the instruments they use. Each placemark includes a video including the musicians discussing a little bit about themselves and their music.

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Musical Explorers Around the World might be an excellent resource to have trainees check out by themselves or as part of a group activity in which they investigate concerns about why instruments and music develop and are various based on geography..

Carnegie Hall hosts some excellent online instructional resources for music instructors. Among those resources is called
Musical Explorers Around the World.
Musical Explorers Around the World is an interactive map developed to present trainees to musicians, instruments, and music from worldwide..

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