Most Recommended Books by Teachers for Class 10 & 12 CBSE Term 2 Subjective Board Exams

To help students navigate through the deluge of books in the market, we did a pan-India survey to gather feedback via:

  • Online polls from more than 20,000 students
  • Quora platform surveys
  • Amazon and Flipkart rankings
  • YouTube polls
  • Selected 1000+ teachers from Top CBSE Schools of India

Based on the above sources, we have identified top books for three categories:

  1. Subject-wise preparation
  2. Paper-wise preparation
  3. Reference Books

Here are the top picks with relevant reasons:

  1. TERM 2 SAMPLE PAPERS – Educart

Educart Term 2 Class 10 Sample Paper Bundle (English, Mathematics, Science & SST)

Buy Link: Class 10 Educart Sample Papers

For final paper-wise preparation, a lot of teachers felt students struggle with writing structured answers in subjective questions and Educart books are the best as they provide checklist-style pointers to write answers (as per CBSE marking scheme) for their sample papers. More than 2000 students that we surveyed on online platforms picked Educart sample papers as their favourite for Term 2 because of their quality of questions and detailed solutions to clear the basics.

Screenshot of points breakdown given in sample papers of Educart

  1. Term 2 Reference Book – R.D. SHARMA

Class 12 Mathematics by R.D. Sharma (Bundle of Volume 1 and 2)

R.D. Sharma has been one of the best reference books for CBSE students. If practice questions for Mathematics are needed then students turn to their Class 12 R.D. Sharma books; these books have never disappointed. With over 100+ solved examples, these books clarify the concept in a step-by-step way. We would recommend these books not only for NCERT practice but also for competitive exam practice.

  1. Term 2 QUESTION BANKS – Educart

Educart Term 2 Question Banks for Class 10 and 12 on Amazon

A lot of teachers, in CBSE Class 10, felt technical subjects like Science and Maths require a wide variety of new typology questions that cover each topic well. Almost 70% of people that we surveyed felt that Educart Question Banks provided the most number of questions of high quality amongst all publishers. In CBSE Class 12, especially with subjects like English Core, the new pattern inference questions are also available in Educart as per the CBSE sample paper.

Buy Link: Educart Class 10 Term 2 Question Banks

Buy Link: Educart Class 12 Term 2 Question Banks

Overall, on all platforms, the answers quality, minimum mistakes and total number of questions were three top factors because of which the respondents suggested Educart Question Banks at #1.

Books are the most important resource for teachers and students and since there are too many books out there in the market, it is important to stop and read the reviews for the best ones sometimes. We hope this article helps clear out some confusion.

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