Meet Our Blended Learning Course Instructor!

Learners Edge Offers 100+ Self-Paced, Online, Graduate Credit Continuing Education Courses for Teachers.

As you can see, Mr. Raabe (ROB-ee) has put his heart, and his acting skills, into teaching courses for Learners Edge for over 15 years. Over the years, Lance has gained quite a following, working with over 1000 instructors..
Our Blended Learning courses are a balance of gaining from the security of your home combined with conference over Zoom to link with teachers from throughout the United States..
Courses this spring include:.
5113: The Teacher Retreat.
5114: The Power of Positivity.
Check back on our site for the list of summer Blended Learning courses, to be revealed quickly!.

This is the man! This is Lance Raabe, our Learners Edge Blended Knowing instructor who will lead our spring (and summer season) Combined Learning courses!.

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