Magnetic Poetry With Google Jamboard and Google Classroom

Earlier today a reader emailed me trying to find an option to
Because of the deprecation of Flash, Read Write Thinks old Word Mover activity which is no longer offered. Word Mover was essentially an online variation of the old refrigerator word magnets that were popular in the 90s. While the producers of Magnetic Poetry do use an online version, its not well-suited to class usage. My tip is to try using Google Jamboard and Google Classroom to produce a “magnetic poetry” for your trainees..

On Google Jamboard you can produce a set of sticky notes with words on them. You could color code the sticky notes to make verbs one color, adjectives another color, and nouns a third color. When youve made your word bank you can then divide the Jamboard and add directions for composing a poem with the words in the word bank. Share your Jamboard as a project in Google Classroom. When you share it in Google Classroom make sure that you choose the option of “make a copy for each trainee” so that trainees have their own copies to deal with without having to by hand make copies for themselves..
In this brief video I discuss how to utilize Google Jamboard and Google Classroom to produce online magnetic poetry projects for your trainees..

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