Let’s Talk! Mental Health Advocacy and Allyship for Students of Color

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The mental health experiences of students who are BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) are different than those of people who identify as white. Race-specific microaggressions, trauma, and systemic racism create fertile ground for depression, anxiety, and self-harm for students who are BIPOC. If educators are to truly be supportive, we must advocate for practices to honor the specific needs and identities of our BIPOC students.  

In partnership with IndieFlix’s latest documentary, Race to be Human, Learners Edge has created a course to focus on the BIPOC student experience to ensure they feel accepted, connected, and safe at school. 


To learn more about the course, download this free and optional exercise to prepare yourself for the challenges ahead! 

Featured Course:

Mental Health Advocacy and Allyship for Students of Color

Course 5229 | 3-Credits | Gr. 3-12+

Learn to be an ally and an advocate for students and colleagues of color in this transformative course based on the IndieFlix documentary film, Race to Be Human. This course gives educators the chance to learn the toll racism takes on the mental health of students of color. Discover how representation, self-expression, and courageous conversations can be used to challenge the status quo and aid students who are BIPOC in healing from the trauma of racism. Filled with resources you can use to audit your classroom for equity and to ensure students of color have successful school experiences, as they manage mental health challenges caused by racism.

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FREE DOWNLOAD: “Let’s Talk!” Self-Assessment 

Our students benefit when we advocate for them. But if we are uncertain and uncomfortable about difficult conversations, fear or lack of knowledge may keep us from being a successful facilitator in conversations about race.  

Please read, “Let’s Talk!: Discussing Race, Racism, and Other Difficult Topics with Students,” which includes a section to prepare yourself for this important work. You may complete this self-assessment via our Let’s Talk : Self-Assessment template. 

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