Lava Lamps and Security

Network and data security is something is stressed throughout the year in my
Introduction to Networking course. To stimulate conversation in the class, I often share show short videos about interesting security events along with short videos about implementing security systems. One of the videos that we watched this week had to do with Cloudflares use of lava lamps to generate random numbers for the purpose of securing web traffic.
Heres the video. Complete information of the procedure can be
checked out here. I particularly took pleasure in the description of the unique in between true randomness and pseudorandomness..

Individual note: When I began this blog 13+ years ago it was to share neat things I was finding and attempting in my classroom. In some cases I simply require to go back to those early days.

I realize that the vast majority of readers of this blog site dont have an apparent use for this video in their class. That said, think about seeing it anyhow and think about all of the back-end technology that is in location to make it possible for trainees to safely utilize web-based tools.

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