It’s the Last Year for Weebly for Education

Weebly for Education hasnt had any updates in a few years so its not surprising that it is being shut down. I always liked the service and discovered it to be an excellent way for teachers to construct their own websites. More notably, it supplied an excellent method for trainees to develop their own websites that instructors might actively monitor. All excellent things come to an end. Thanks for the great service for all the years, Weebly for Education..
Now that Weebly for Education is closing and Google has formally excluded Blogger from Google Workspace for Education (for those under 18), the only excellent blogging alternative for students that I can advise now is Edublogs unless you wish to go the route of self-hosting. And if you were utilizing Weebly for Education for digital portfolios I d suggest taking an appearance at Google Sites, Spaces, or Seesaw.

More than a decade ago Weebly was among the very first DIY site builders that advised to teachers. I helped numerous instructors and their trainees develop classroom sites with Weebly for Education. This early morning I got the news via e-mail that Weebly (now owned by Square) has decided to
shutter Weebly for Education in 2022. This will happen on August 1, 2022. You have plenty of time to prepare for what youll use as a replacement (I suggest if youre utilizing Weebly for Education right now
Edublogs or Google Sites)..

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