It’s That Time Again…

The Telegraph has a 90 2nd description of Daylight Saving Time. The video does not have any narrative so it can be viewed without sound.

TED-Ed has two lessons that arent particularly about Daylight Saving Time however are associated to the subject. The History of Keeping Time explains sundials, hourglasses, and the development of timezones. Second, How Did Trains Standardize Time in the United States? describes the role of railways in the advancement of the timezones used in the United States (and the majority of Canada) today.

Like I do almost whenever Daylight Saving Time ends or starts, I have actually gathered together a handful of brief video descriptions about why we have Daylight Saving Time. See and take a look if there is one that can assist you explain Daylight Saving Time to your trainees..
National Geographic has actually 2 videos titled Daylight Saving Time 101. The first one, released in 2015, is a bit more upbeat than the second one that was published in 2019. Both variations are embedded below..

If it isnt as succinct as the videos above, CGP Greys video explanation of Daylight Saving Time is still a great one even.

Daytime Saving Time ends today for a number of my buddies in Europe and it ends next Sunday for those of us in North American states and provinces that observe Daylight Saving Time. As someone who gets up early and lives in a northern state, I invite the change as Ill see the sun an hour earlier. And ideally, my kids will benefit from the “additional” hour of time for sleeping next Saturday night.

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