It’s Maple Syrup Time, Yay!

Maple Syrup the Modern Way is a 3 minute video about the procedure business producers utilize to make syrup.

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Here in Maine were beginning to notice that the days are getting a little longer and the sun is a bit higher in the sky throughout the day. That suggests, as a few of my good friends explained on social media today, its time to start tapping maple trees for syrup season..

Ever Wonder How Maple Syrup is Made? is a video from Highlights. The succinct video reveals a mix of the old method of utilizing containers to gather sap and the modern-day method of utilizing hoses.

The process of collecting sap and turning it into maple syrup offers some great science lessons for students. The process of developing maple syrup can teach trainees lessons about why maple sap is easiest to gather in late winter/early spring, what makes the sap run, and it teaches trainees about evaporation..
Here are a couple of video lessons about making maple syrup:.

Ever Wonder How Maple Syrup is Made? Gardners video shows audiences how he collects maple sap and turns it into maple syrup. In the video he describes why maple sap is collected at this time of year, how much sap hell gather from a big tree, and simply how much sap it takes to make a gallon of maple syrup. Untapped Maple products.

My buddy Gardner Waldeier AKA Bus Huxley on YouTube gathers maple sap to make maple syrup. He does it the old fashioned method and he made a video about the process. Gardners video reveals audiences how he gathers maple sap and turns it into maple syrup. In the video he discusses why maple sap is gathered at this time of year, just how much sap hell collect from a big tree, and simply just how much sap it requires to make a gallon of maple syrup. You also get a nice tour of Gardners timber.

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