I’m Feeling Lucky – A Google Earth Lesson

From trips to video games to simple measuring tools, the web variation of
Google Earth has a great deal of neat features that can help students learn more about the world. Among those cool features is the “Im Feeling Lucky” button that is found on the left hand toolbar in Google Earth. Clicking that button will take trainees to a randomly-selected place in the world..

For more information about utilizing Google Earth in your class, have a look at my Crash Course in Google Earth & & Maps for Social Studies.

On its own the “Im Feeling Lucky” button offers an excellent way for students to find new places. That stated, trainees find out more through the “Im Feeling Lucky” button if you provide a little bit more instructions than just “click the button and browse.” Thats why I developed a little concern sheet to prompt trainees to do a little research about the locations they find in Google Earth by means of “Im Feeling Lucky.” My concern sheet can be discovered here as a Google Doc..
This short video shows how trainees can check out Google Earth in more information after clicking “Im Feeling Lucky.”.

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