I Have an Idea for a Different Summer PD Experience

Heres the idea …
Im looking for about ten 10Instructors principals, or instructional coaches who are interested in coming together for three things. Those are all extremely fluid factors which might imply that at any given minute the state might put in place new travel limitations or other restricts that stop this idea in its tracks. Once again, I must stress that this is just an idea at this point. If youre interested in more details about this concept, please fill out the short type on this page. Or send me an email at richard (at) byrne.media with a subject line of Summer PD Idea.

At this point its simply an idea!
I require to stress that at this moment its just an idea. Im trying to assess interest and gather feedback..
Heres the concept …
Im trying to find about ten instructors, principals, or educational coaches who have an interest in coming together for three things. Those things are learning brand-new together, sharing with/ teaching each other, and getting outside for some enjoyable in the sun. We d invest part of day learning and sharing then spend part of the day doing small group activities like cycling, hiking, or paddling. In my mind, the ideal length is three days..
Limiting elements …
The apparent limiting factor is the status of COVID-19 cases, CDC standards, and the federal government of Maines guidelines associated to COVID-19. Those are all very fluid elements which might suggest that at any given minute the state might put in place brand-new travel constraints or other restricts that stop this concept in its tracks. For that factor, I would not desire people to come from beyond comfortable driving distance..
Are you immunized? I am, as is my household. That stated, I still prepare to use a mask inside your home and any place social distancing isnt possible for rather a while..
Expense and dates: as this is a brand-new technique Im just preparing to cover costs. I have leads on 2 exceptional centers for small conference spaces during the week in late July and early August. Both are in Bethel, Maine..
Are you interested?
Again, I must highlight that this is just a concept at this point. If youre interested in more details about this idea, please fill out the brief form on this page.

As you most likely understand, Im hosting the
The kind of long-range planning that it takes to host an in-person occasion just wasnt possible this year due to the fact that of all of the variables related to COVID-19. As I looked at COVID-19 cases in Maine and beyond I couldnt make that gamble back in January. That said, its now late May, COVID-19 cases are down, vaccination rates are up, and Maine has relieved travel restrictions.

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