How to Use Pictures in Flippity Templates

The crucial thing to understand about utilizing images in Flippity design templates is that the images need to be openly available at URLs ending in PNG or JPG. Its because of that requirement that using images kept in a Google Drive folder or a private Flickr album will not work (a public Flickr image can work, nevertheless). In this brief video I offer the examples of utilizing Pixabay and Wikipedia as the sources of images to utilize Flippity game design templates..

Flippity is a totally free service for making games, flashcards, and timelines with Google Sheets. Ive been utilizing and recommending it for several years. My posts about utilizing it to
make board games and
memory video games were two of the most popular posts in all of 2020. Thats probably why I get a great deal of questions about utilizing Flippity. The other day, I respond to questions from two readers who were trying to find assistance using images in Flippity templates. To assist them, I made
this short video..

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