How to Use Canva’s Image Background Remover

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Canva can be utilized to create graphics, videos, discussions, and basic websites. Within any Canva template there are lots of neat editing tools including an image background eliminator. Its offered to anyone who has a.
free Canva for Education account..

Canvas image background remover is simple to utilize and works with practically any photo that you upload to your Canva account. To use it merely drag a picture from the uploads folder in your Canva account onto any template. Then click on the image to bring up the image editing tools and choose “background eliminator.” Canva will then immediately eliminate the background from your picture. Watch this short video to see how it works..

Applications for Education.
As I showed in the video above, after removing the background from a picture of yourself, you can then put a brand-new background in its location. I put a picture of Mount Everest in the background of my image. One way to use this with trainees is to have them position themselves in front of landmarks of the world then discuss their virtual visit to those landmarks.

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