How to Share Google Arts & Culture Experiences in Google Classroom

Applications for Education.
Sharing a particular area of a Google Arts & & Culture display is a great way to get all of your students looking at and going over an aspect of a display at the exact same time. Additionally, you might designate various sections of an exhibit to groups of trainees then have them share observations with the entire class..

Last week Google Arts & & Culture published an excellent online exhibit titled
Walk the Great Wall. Its a great colleciton of Street View images and multimedia stories about the Great Wall of China. As
I composed recently, Walk the Great Wall includes comprehensive images of the bricks of the wall, short lessons about the building of the Great Wall, stories of myths and legends of the Great Wall, and lots of images of the Great Wall from end to end in all four seasons of the year.

The technique that I demonstrated in the video can likewise be utilized with other learning management systems. Simply get the sharing link from the area of the exhibition that you wish to share and then by hand paste it into a project in your LMS instead of utilizing the Google Classroom button.

The only “problem” with the.
Walk the Great Wall Google Arts & & Culture exhibit is that it is so big that if you desire all your students to look at a specific section of everything at the same time, you need to share private sections with your trainees instead of the entire display. Google does make it relatively simple to share just a section of a Google Arts & & Culture display with your students. In.
this new video I show precisely how to do that..

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