How to Score Google Forms Questions That Have Multiple Correct Responses

This post originally appeared on If you see it in other places, it has been utilized without approval. Sites that steal my (Richard Byrnes) work consist of CloudComputin, Today Headline, and 711Web.

To create a question or prompt in Google Forms that has multiple appropriate actions you require to use “checkboxes” concern type. Numerous option will not work because Google Forms will just allow one selection. By utilizing checkboxes you can have students make multiple selections in response to the question..
When you do that youll discover that Google Forms will not give partial credit to a student who selects one correct name and one inaccurate name. Youll need to alter the settings on your Google Form to “release ratings after review” rather of the default “release scores instantly” in the type settings.
In the video that is embedded below I show the process that Ive laid out above for scoring and creating Google Forms concerns that have several appropriate actions..

This afternoon I addressed an e-mail from a reader who was having a little difficulty with Google Forms. She was trying to produce a quiz in which some of the concerns had several appropriate actions for trainees to choose. For example, “select from this list the names of the people who have actually walked on the moon.”.

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