How to Quickly Record Audio in Google Slides, Docs, and Classroom

Mote is a Chrome extension that can be utilized to tape-record audio to place into Google Slides, into Google Documents, and into Google Classroom. In the following videos I provide presentations of how to utilize Mote in all three of those G Suite tools..
Setting up Mote & & Using it Google Slides.
In this video I demonstrate how to set up Mote and how to trigger it in your Google account..

How to tape-record audio in Google Classroom.

Last week I wrote a.
short introduction of a new Chrome extension called Mote. In that article I focused simply on the element of Mote that lets you record audio in Google Slides. As a slew of individuals mentioned to me in e-mails over the weekend, Mote can be utilized for more than simply including audio to Google Slides..

How to tape audio in Google Docs.

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