How to Quickly Duplicate and Sort Jamboard Pages

Applications for Education.

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Jamboard has a great deal of handy features and neat uses for online and in-person direction. I recently detailed a bunch of them in
This afternoon someone emailed me looking for assistance with duplicating pages within a Jamboard. Like a lot of things, its much easier to show how to do it than it is to compose how to do it.
this brief video to demonstrate how you can quickly replicate, re-use, and sort pages or frames within a Jamboard..

Duplicating a page within a Jamboard is valuable when you desire to have numerous pages that look the very same however you desire students to complete a different activity on each one of those pages. For example, I may want to use the exact same overview map of New England on 3 pages then one page have students label the states, on the second page have them label capitals, and on the 3rd page label state nicknames.

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