How to Make Sure Students Aren’t Unsupervised in Google Meet Video Calls

Google Work space for Education users lastly have a way to ensure that students arent hanging out in a Google Meet without a teacher..

Once, yesterday afternoon Google announced that instructors can now end Google Meet calls for all participants at. Now when hosts leave a Google Meet call they will see a choice to let others stay in the meeting or end the conference for everybody. Trainees will be automatically detached when an instructor (host) chooses to end the meeting for everybody..
If you use satisfying labels in combination with the brand-new option to end the conference for all participants, you can make sure that students arent hanging out in a Google Meet call without your guidance..

As is usual with brand-new functions in Google Workspaces, this new Google Meet option is offered to some users today and will be available to all Google Workspaces for Education users in the next couple of weeks. Its important to note that this feature is just available to Google Workspaces for Education users and not to those utilizing other versions of Google Workspaces (formerly known as G Suite for Education).

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