How to Create a Bibliography in Word

In this brief video I show how to insert citations and develop a bibliography in Microsoft Word documents..

As I composed recently, Im envious of todays high school trainees who do not have to depend on consulting books like
The Student Writer to correctly format citations and bibliographies. Im likewise envious that they dont have the crazy format headaches that were associated with attempting to place a citation into a Word Perfect (not so best, it turned out) document after investing all night writing to strike a due date like I performed in college. Todays trainees have
a bunch of complimentary tools that make it easy to include citations and bibliographies to their research study papers. One of those free tools is developed right into Microsoft Word..

Whenever I write article or release videos about tools like these I get emails from readers who like to mention that bibliography tools make it “too easy” or that there is some inconsistency between the tool and the most recent minor upgrade to MLA or APA. My point in getting middle school and high school trainees to use these tools is to assist them build the routine of mentioning their sources. When they reach the point that they have a college professor who is a stickler for bibliography formats or theyre submitting research study documents to journals then they can fret about the minutia of the bibliography requirements of scholastic research study papers..

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