How to choose a STEM platform to support hybrid learning

Robotics and coding platforms like CoderZ assistance schools address these and other concerns in a accessible and very economical way, and regardless of how or where the education is being delivered.

Its now if ever there was a time that underscored the need for strong STEM education. Our students– the future researchers, engineers, and world leaders– need abilities that only STEM can provide.

To finest cultivate these young minds, our teachers require equitable access to platforms that will help them in every and any learning circumstance. The concern is, how can schools deliver programs flexible enough to fulfill teachers and trainees where they are, and without compromising stability, equity, and quality?

Wanted: Great STEM material

STEM program quality is of vital importance to educators. In spite of the lots of obstacles facing us this academic year, there should be no compromise on quality for the sake of digital.

Meredith Nations, Robotics Teacher, Causey Middle SchoolMeredith Nations is a robotics teacher at Causey Middle School in Mobile, Alabama.

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