How to Change Your Google Account Profile Image & Why You Should Change It

Applications for Education
Altering your Google account profile image can help with name recognition so that parents start to put a confront with a name as quickly as they begin receiving emails from you. They wont have to wait up until the first parent-teacher conference or open home night to make the association between your face and name.
If you have more than one teacher in your district with the exact same name or comparable names (at one point there were three Mr. Burns and a Mr. Byrne in my district) trainees seeing an e-mail with your profile image can visually verify that they are emailing the appropriate person.

On a related note, a lot of individuals dont realize that there is a difference in between finalizing into a Chrome profile and finalizing into a Google account. I discussed the distinction in
this short video..

When your school problems you a Google Workspaces for Education account your profile image will just be a basic letter icon including your initials. Lots of people leave it that way only because they do not understand how easy it is to change it. In the video listed below I demonstrate
how to alter your Google profile image.

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