How I used tech to help students help themselves

When this all started, the most instant issue for school therapists like myself was dealing with an increased variety of students who were feeling stressed, anxious, or perhaps depressed. In a normal year, my students might sit down with me and discuss whatever was on their mind. But in the absence of physical distance and with an increase of students looking for psychological health assistance on top of school-related obstacles, one-on-one therapy sessions ended up being extremely tough to schedule.

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As a school therapist, its my task to help students who are having a hard time– academically or personally– along with guide them through the college application process. Doing that with the added pressure of a pandemic provided a really different kind of obstacle that required a very various type of solution.

Samantha Etim, MS, School Counselor, Insight School of MinnesotaSamantha Etim is a school counselor at Insight School of Minnesota and has an MS in Counseling Psychology from St. Cloud State University.

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I provided virtual workplace hours as a short-term option, but then I began thinking about longer-term services that would really benefit my students a lot more– options that would prepare students to assist themselves when individually therapy might not be as easily available to them.

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